Monday, 26 June 2017

WALT use Similes and Alliteration to make a pitcher in the readers mind. We have been doing writing to make the reader have an image in their mind. We have learnt it because it will help us have interesting writing we have learnt it by the teacher telling us how to do it then we have to put it into our writing. I enjoyed getting the pitcher.

Sophie Pascoe

People screaming my name at the top of their lungs like a lion roaring Shouting go! go! go! go! Sophie! People chanting go, Sophie!go Sophie As loud as they can I can hear Dad cheering louder than anyone else when I pop out of the water I could hear some of the crowd cheering go superstar Sophie I could see the finish line just meters away I could see people jumping up and down the closer I got to the finishing line the closer I got the faster they jumped and the higher they jumped they jumped like kangaroos. I felt happy about how far I’d gotten so far My eyes filled with tears I felt nervous if I Will make it My heart pumping in my chest 10 times faster than before

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